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Lucky☆Star Episode 20 — Ways To Spend Summer

Published January 18, 2012
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Kagami and Konata talk about collectible figures, the negative portrayal of Akihabara in the media and the relationships between otaku. Konata is reluctant to do any homework and is caught playing games and reading manga, instead of working several times by Yui. Konata, Miyuki, Tsukasa and Kagami get together to study during the summer and decide to go to a fireworks festival near Miyuki's house. Yutaka, Minami, Hiyori and Patricia decide to go to the same festival and discover that Minami and Miyuki live across the street from each other. In Lucky Channel Minoru has been replaced as Akira's assistant by Daisuke Ono, and some references are made to both voice actors' appearances in Air — Ono as the crow, Sora, and Akira (Hiromi Konno) as the dog, Potato. They turn to live footage of Fuji Forest in order to check up on how Shiraishi is doing, but he is nowhere to be seen.