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07-Ghost Episode 25 — The Heart Is Lead By The Truth On The Other Side...

Published January 7, 2012
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Teito uses the power of the Eye of Mikhail to summon Frau, Castor, Labrador, Lance, and the Black Hawks. He then sends them, himself, and Ayamani to a white place where they're surrounded by giant figures of the Seven Ghosts. Both groups start to battle each other in earnst. They become locked together in battle, until Ayamani splits the bonds. Then he and the rest of the Black Hawks disappear through a portal Kuroyuri summoned. Frau and the others disappear, too, leaving Teito alone with Mikage in human form. They talk then Teito also leaves. Frau, Labrador, and Castor are all waiting for him as he exits the Bridge of Trials. They tell him that he passed the exam and is now an apprentence Bishop, with his mentor being Frau. They then tell him that he and Frau are gong to escape through a secret passage built for the Pope in case of emergency. While they run towards the secret exit, Teito runs into Hakuren. They talk briefly, then Teito continues to run with the others. Before they leave Teito declares his intentions of what he wants to do from now on. Everyone approves and he bids them farwell. Frau and Teito get on a Hawkzile and with Labrador's flower guide, make their escape.