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07-Ghost Episode 24 — The Justice Of Those Who Lack Love Is... Oh Heart That Is Stolen By Darkness, Forever...

Published January 7, 2012
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Ayanami appears in front of Teito and Teito wonders if Ayanami is just an illusion like before. Ayanami mocks Teito for still relying on the Eye of Mikhail when it is not even there anymore. Ayanami uses his Zaiphon to bring Teito and himself to the center of the earth, where he threatens "it is the first and last world you shall ever see". Teito attacks Ayanami, who mocks him for being weak. Ayanami tells Teito to attack him for real, and Teito asks why he is here. In the hall, Frau is still waiting for Teito to exit the examination room and Hakuren runs up to him to tell him that imperial forces have stormed the church. Suddenly, Kuroyuri appears saying sie wanted to kill the gardener (Labrador) who killed Haruse. Bishop Lance gets into a fight with one of Ayanami's men. Ayanami asks Teito if his memories of traveling with Fea Kreuz have returned yet. Castor captures the man who was the spy in the church and asks why he became a puppet of the military. Labrador erases the memory of the spy, so he may start anew when one of Ayanami's men kills him. Ayanami's men attack Castor and Labrador and Labrador is thrown aback. Bishop Lance defeats the man who was attacking him. Kuroyuri throws dark energy at Frau and tells him to show his true form as Zehel. Ayanami, meanwhile, is trying to access Teito's memories but Fea Kreuz (Vetrag) is stopping him. Ayanami's arm gets torn off and Teito realizes that Father was one of the Seven Ghosts. Ayanami's arm regenerates and Teito knows he has to live for those who died for him. He throws another attack at Ayanami that gets deflected and Ayanami tells him that he hasn't changed at all. Frau keeps using his scythe to cut away at the darkness that Kuroyuri is emitting. It seems Kuroyuri is falling apart from the same thing that killed Haruse. However, the more Frau attacks, the darker Kuroyuri becomes. Teito and Ayanami continue fighting, and Mikage gets hit by one of the attacks. Teito runs to catch the falling Mikage and realizes he has to remember what he is fighting for. Kuroyuri is pushed back by Frau's light, which he calls love. Frau tells Kuroyuri her justice is flawed and the black flowers Kuroyuri was holding fade away. Ayanami tells Teito to search his memories for the location of Pandora's Box, or the hostages in the church will die until Teito remembers.