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07-Ghost Episode 23 — Beyond The Heart's Darkness

Published January 7, 2012
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The second exam resumes for the remaining trainees and comes in the worst form imaginable: the physical realisation of their deepest fears. When someone fails to overcome their fears, they fall through the bridge and fail. Teito gets to face his biggest enemy, Ayanami in the flesh. After charging blindly at Ayanami, Teito gets to see visions of the hurt and pain he caused Mikage and his family. Meanwhile, Hakuren finds his hated father on the ground with an unknown person in a black cape and weapon standing over him. Hakuren sees a vision of his father telling him he is no longer his son if he joins the church. The grim reaper tells Hakuren they should finish his father's pathetic, heartless life. The constant talking about Hakuren finally gets to Teito who is starting to blame himself for everything he has done to his best friend. When Ayanami charges at him, he is petrified and unable to move to dodge the attack and gets impaled by Ayanami's sword. Finally, the last trainees that haven't failed yet find the strength to face their fears. Hakuren saves his father and forgives him. Teito on the other hand is starting to go in shock. Some of the examiners worry for his life and urge bishop Lance to terminate the examn. It is then when Teito figures out that his real enemy is not Ayanami but himself, the part of him that is blaming himself for getting Mikage killed. When Teito is ready and attempts to leave the second examination, the rest of the church gets invaded by the imperial army. And when Teito opens the door to exit the examination room, he finds himself in a dark, underground corridor instead of the exit. After a few seconds someone walks from the darkness towards Teito and this time, it is the real Ayanami who is standing in front of him...