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07-Ghost Episode 22 — Led By The Light In The Water's Depth, He Spies Upon...

Published January 7, 2012
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After passing the first examn, Teito and Hakuren get to see the progress of others and how some fumble at the last challenge when their greedy nature makes them fail. Teito and Hakuren learn that the old guys they helped before were in fact Former Assistant Archbishops who tagged along to asses the progress of the participants. Meanwhile, the protectors of the church prepare for a dark threat as the military advances towards the church. Teito and Hakuren go to Lazet, the mermaid, as the Former Assistant Archbishops suggested and she takes them to an inner sanctuary where Teito gets to see his father and Father, the priest who raised him. He got told to never forget who he is, the Prince of Raggs Kingdom. Afterwards, they hurry back to the courtyard where bishop Lance is impatiently waiting for them. The second part of the examn is a challenge to face their inner daemons inside a room. They pass when they come out the other door. Hakuren starts of by defeating a gigantic Wars and Teito faces his biggest enemy: Ayanami in the flesh...