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07-Ghost Episode 20 — They Both Offer A Requiem

Published January 7, 2012
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After being captured by Ayanami, Teito and Hakuren escape the military air ship and get support from Frau. After an intense battle the Eye of Mikhail attempts to save Teitos life by separating itself from Teito and taking the Wars with it. After separation the Eye unleashes its full power to destroy the enemies threatening Teito, making it rain fire upon the enemy air ships. Frau decided to save Teito and leave the Eye of Mikhail to fall in enemy hands. After cheering Teito up for losing the Eye of Mikhail, the other bishops give Frau a plant. Because bishop Bastian fell into the darkness, he was not reborn as a human, instead he was reborn as a tree. Frau planted the tree in the garden of the church so Bastian would be with them for many years to come. Teito finally recognises Hakuren as his friend and prepares for the bishop examn. On their way to the examn Teito accidentally steps on a key token that one of the bishops dropped and broke it. Unfortunately for Teito, that same bishop, Lance, is their head examiner...