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07-Ghost Episode 19 — The One-Sided, Yet Never Dying Love Finds Itself...

Published January 7, 2012
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Castor uses Kuroyuri to speak with Ayamani. An explosion sperates the two and Haruse catches Kuroyuri, while Labrador catches Castor. Then Kuroyuri and Haruse disappear. While participants in the exam of the church gather, the battle between the soldiers of the army and the protectors of the church continues. Bastian-sama gets a proper funeral to keep the truth under wraps and make life continue as normal. Meanwhile, Hakuren gets his up close and personal encounter with the Eye of Mikhail while he is taking care of Teito. After Teito wakes up, the darkness in his heart awakens the darkness that escaped into the Eye of Mikhail and Hakuren barely manages to grab Teito as the darkness engulves them both...