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07-Ghost Episode 18 — The One Who Must Be Forgiven Drowns In Darkness...The One Who Loves Him Is Filled With Tears

Published January 7, 2012
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After Teitos knocked out, Hakuren continues to fight Bastian. Meanwhile Castor and Labrador decide to take action against the intruder. The inturder is Kuroyuri and Haruse from the Black Hawks. Labrador confronts and fights Haruse, whom had stayed behind when Kuroyuri left to kill Frau. Hakuren was captured by a Wars and Teito is imprisoned in some kind of ball where a lot of Wars reside. Teito and the Eye of Mikhail begin to fight over control and while they do that some Wars enter Teitos body. Frau finally shows up and saves Teito and Hakuren. Kuroyuri goes to kill Frau, but ends up killing one of Castor's dolls instead. Castor overpowers Kuroyuri and uses his soul to talk to Anamani.