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07-Ghost Episode 16 — Truth Lies In The Dark Abyss Where The Light Cannot Reach

Published January 7, 2012
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Labrador tells Castor and Teito that Fraus be given the death sentence. So Teito goes off in search of the prision that Fraus beinng kept in. Lazet ends up taking Teito deep under water where the prison is. Frau and Teito talk, and Frau refuses to breakout with Teito. Frau tells Teito that if he "Wants to put him at ease, then smile." He also deicates a verse from their bible to him. Teito starts to swim away, then suddenly turns around and give Frau the funniest smile. It shocks Frau so much that he drops his apple. Teito then exits the waterway and Hakuren appears and gives him a towel. That night they both decide to investigate the tower where Frau was arrested.