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07-Ghost Episode 15 — That Day, I Was Certainly With Him

Published January 7, 2012
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Teito states that hes putting his all into studying for the Bishop's Exam. Teito is to short to reach a book so Hakuren goes to help him, but Teito jumps up and reaches it before Hakuren, who says "Wasn't that a bit much?" The two boys are approached by an unknown Bishop who gives Teito a Bishop's Pass and message from the owner of the pass, whose name was Fea Kruez. Castor attacks the strange man, who disappears in a cloud of black smoke, but not before saying that the Church isnt on Teito's side and to ask "That foolish Bishop" about it. So Teito confronts Labrador, Frau, and Castor. They tell him that its up to him to decide whether or not to trust them. Frau fights one of the Black Hawks, who disappears right before Church Guards come. They arrest Frau for holding a Warfeil weapon. Meanwhile Teito finally decides to trust all of them.