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07-Ghost Episode 11 — Atonement For Loved Ones Is...

Published January 7, 2012
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Teito, now staying in the church, wonders what he can do to atone for Mikage's death. Castor advises him to take the Bishops Exam. Teito decides to take it, and Castor says he must pass the written exam first: memorize 7700 chapters from 77 volumes of Barsburg Bible in half a month. It took Frau three years to memorize it, but when Teito takes a look at one of the books, he realizes he has read them before. Teito reveals he remembers most of it. The second exam tests the person's ability to use Zaiphon techniques. When Teito doesn't progress with using a bascule, or staff, Castor gives Teito a Frau doll with incredible speed. After the doll acts like a pervert to the three sisters, Teito activates the staff and blows the doll up. After a talk with Labrador, Teito decides to learn and expose the truth of the world. While wandering in the hall, Teito sees a person looks like Mikage, but unfortunately is an examinee named Hakuren Oak. Hakuren sees the Bishops Exam Participating Mark on Teito's neck and declares Teito his rival.