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07-Ghost Episode 10 — That Is But One Form Of Atonement

Published January 7, 2012
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Teito decides to leave the church believing he should not cause anyone anymore trouble, on the way he meets Castor who asks him if he knows the shinigami Zehel. When Teito reveals he knows it was Frau, Castor puts him to sleep. As Castor gets ready to erase his memories, Frau interferes and says that if he is to erase his memory of seeing him as Zehel, then he will also forget Mikage's last smile. Frau's scythe goes out control and tries to attack an unconscious Teito, who awakens as the god Mikhail. Mikhail insulted then uses illusions to threaten Castor and Frau who can barely stand againest Mikhail's power, Mikhail realising that they are the seven ghosts says that if they were normal humans then they would have died or passed out. Castor tells Frau that the collar on Teito's neck has three commands: Bind, Sleep and pain. Frau puts the god to sleep with the sleep command. Teito regains concisousness and is taken to a place showing Mikage's last words.