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07-Ghost Episode 8 — Half Of His Soul Arouses A Sad Awakening

Published January 7, 2012
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As Teito and Mikage talk, Labrador predicts that the “storm” will come very soon, and right now is the “calm”. Mikage suddenly feels something inside of himself awaken, and as one last favor...asks Teito to kill him. Mikage begins to scream in pain. As his last words, Mikage tells Teito that he loves him and that he’s always considered Teito to be just as important as his family. Ayanami possesses Mikage, releasing only one Kor wing. Teito and Ayanami fight, but Teito is injured and escapes with the help of one of Castor’s doll. Meanwhile, at the main Church, Castor senses that his doll has lost signal and Frau senses that a half Kor has entered the church. He goes off to find Teito. Teito in the meanwhile, has been found by Ayanami, and Teito begs him to give Mikage back. Ayanami puts a restraining collar on Teito's neck. Teito attempts to commit suicide, only falling unconscious. A guardian appears, and there is a flash of light as Teito’s eyes open, revealing his pupils to be blood red. Ayanami looks down in surprise as Teito asks “Who are you to hurt my master?”