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07-Ghost Episode 7 — Does The Soul That Was Devoured By The Wings, Dream Of Its Beloved Child?

Published January 7, 2012
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Mikage wonders whether or not he should leave the church, but is interrupted by Teito. As Teito and Mikage talk, Mikage is being watched by one of Castor's dolls. Mikage has a flashback of him and Teito when they were in the academy. Mikage notices a little boy watching him from behind a tree, but when he tries to talk to the boy, he runs off. The boy is caught stealing bread from a shop, but the bishops let him go. He tells Teito and Mikage his name is Tajio and tells them that his mom is dead and his dad went to go earn money. Meanwhile, the sisters put on a play for people who are visiting the church, but Tajio thinks its real and messes up the play. Tajio's dad comes to take him home, but the dad is revealed to be a Kor. The Eye of Mikhail activates but then stops. Frau arrives and defeats the Kor, and Tajio and his dad go home.