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07-Ghost Episode 4 — To The Depths Of The Earnest Prayer

Published January 7, 2012
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Teito talks with the old man, and tells him his wish to see Mikage. The old man places an odd symbol on Teito's neck while Teito has a vision of running toward Mikage. The flower that Labrador gave him from before stops him, and he realizes that the Bishops are there in front of him. Frau begins to attack the old man, who turns out to be a "Kor". The Bishops fight the man, and though Teito wants to help, Frau tells him he will only hurt the man's soul. Frau manages to release the Kor from the old man's soul and then gets rid of the symbol on Teito's chest. Teito asks Castor what a Kor is. Kor are creatures that tamper with men's desires- they grant the man's wish, but he or she is then put into a string of dark events in which the person is never satisfied with his or her wishes and eventually falls into darkness, becoming a host for the Kor. Back at the Academy, Mikage makes his final choice: he won't betray his best friend. An enraged Ayanami releases a surge of Zaiphon at Mikage.