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07-Ghost Episode 3 — My Innocent Child, Sleep Within The Light

Published January 7, 2012
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Teito decides to leave the Church and help Mikage. Teito stumbles upon an old man who tells Teito he can grant his wish. Teito then decides to run off by himself. Frau interrupts his thoughts, telling him that it might be his fate that he came to the Church. Frau and Teito fight using Zaiphon powers, but Frau is too strong and gains the upper hand. Castor realizes that Teito is a member of the Academy (as only those people have the ability to wield the Zaiphon). During the fight, Teito finally reveals his name. After waking up, Teito decides to go to the courtyard, where he sees the old man from before. Frau, realizes something is wrong. In the meantime, Mikage at the Academy is still unsure of which side to choose: either saving Teito or his family (namely his sister).