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[C] CONTROL - The Money and Soul of Possibility Episode 6 — Conflict

Published January 2, 2012
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Jennifer is scheduled to have a Deal against Kimimaro, who is currently making strides with his new strategies. He is approached by his next opponent, a celebrity named Kō Sennoza, who offers him a way to pass on his deal. Later, Kimimaro is approached by Jennifer, who mentions Mikuni is using a lot of his own future to help minimise the effects of other's deals. Kimimaro talks with Kō the next day, who says everytime the Guild acts, more Midas Money appears in the world, also mentioning some of the effects his own loss to Mikuni had on other people's futures. After a bleak conversation with Mikuni, Kimimaro goes through with his Deal with Kō, whose powerful Asset causes serious damage to Msyu as she defends Kimimaro. As Kimimaro resolves to protect the things close to him and save Msyu, he lashes out with two Mezzoflations in rapid succession, emerging victorious in the Deal and defunding Kō's charity foundation in real life. Kō keeps his positive attitude, saying that Kimimaro has the potential to fight his way out of the Financial District.