Broken Blade 3 Movie

Published December 30, 2011
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Zess wonders about the terms of surrender Rygart was talking about as he and his squad prepares for one more attack at Binonten. As Rygart is being taught on using the Delphine and its new heavy armor, Sigyn wonders if he is capable of killing someone and Baldr warns him he has to work hard if he wants to save an enemy's life. Zess's squad begins their final attack but quickly aborts the mission once they realize the Krisna forces are following them. As they escape to the border, Rygart soon arrives and quickly kills one Zess's men, Argath which Zess stays back to fight him. Rygart at first is reluctant to hurt Zess but quickly puts it aside and seriously damages Zess's Golem and injures him. Cleo, traumatize from the death of her comrades, fights Rygart in anger where she quickly defeats Rygart and fights against Baldr and his men alone. When Erekt manages to retrieve the injured Zess, Cleo tries to escape but her Golem is shot and disabled by Narvi, and tells Erekt to leave her behind and escape with Zess. While Rygart believes it's over, Baldr tells him they now must face the Athens Invasion force led by General Borcuse. In Athens, Borcuse is informed by his second in command, Colonel Io, that Secretary Loquis has manage to acquit the General's war crimes at Assam and made him commander of the Athens Invasion force where his soldiers are gathering at Ilios. Meanwhile in Binoten, Sigyn decides to have Cleo stay at her bed chambers instead of prison, hoping she will cooperate and tell them about her Artemis Golem but Cleo takes her hostage in order to escape. As Cleo escapes while holding up Sigyn with her gun, they find Rygart talking to Hodr's pet owl Gram. Cleo at first is reluctant to shoot him upon hearing that Rygart is a friend of Zess and hopes for his safety but when she does tries to shoot him, she learns the gun is empty and is apprehended by Sigyn guards. At Ilios, Loquis informs Borcuse of their nation's Quartz shortage and tells the General that he must do everything necessary to win and take over Krisna as his army heads out.