Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings 2 Episode 12 — Azure And Crimson Deathmatch! After The Duel, The Wind Howls!!

Published December 25, 2011
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In Odawara, Date took out his six swords as both he and Hideyoshi begun fighting each other, while Sanada's forces alongside a small group of Satsuma forces begun their assault on Motonari in his Nichirin forces. Kojuro then begun his attack on Hanbei's men and the to prepares to fight each other. Date and Hideyoshi continue their fight on Odawara, with Hideyoshi gaining the upper hand. In Echigo, Kenshin manages to defeat most of the Toyotomi's forces until he is confronted by one of his generals, Ishida Mitsunari, and the two fight with Kasuga arrived on the battlefield. In Satsuma, Shimazu and Musashi had manage to defeat most of Toyotomi's forces, who have been led by Ieyasu Tokugawa with Tadakatsu. In the Nichirin fortress, Sanada spots a village about to be run over and has manage to stop it with his Spears, which has surprised Motonari. As Sanada confronts him to fight, Motonari countered his attack, leading Sanada to land on one of the mirrors and Motonari using his weapons to hold him as he activates the Solarfall, leaving Sanada to be burned. However Sanada broke free and unleashed his full power to destroyed the Nichirin, with Motonari in disbelief as he was defeated and caught in the blast. Kojuro and Hanbei continued their battle with Hanbei managing to scare him until Kojuro used Date's damaged sword against him, with Hanbei defeated and fell over the edge of the cliffs. In Odawara, Hidyoshi had beaten Date and delivered the final blow as the Castle fell on top of him, however Date manage to survived and unleashed his full power with Kojuro's sword. With the two delivering the final blow on each other, Date had succeeded in defeating Hideyoshi but has collapsed and his men went to his side. After the battle had ben won, Keiji meets with Hideyoshi and Hanbei in a trance state, with Hideyoshi telling Keiji the people would not be like him forever and tells him that Yumekichi had brought him Keiji's charm but doesn't have the right to wear it and gives it back to him, with Keiji now understands. With Hideyoshi's defeat, the Toyotomi armies scatters and returned to their families. Keiji then left Kaga in his travels. Sanada had returned to Kai and met with Shingen. Shimazu arrived and had lunch with him as Musashi duel with one of Kenshin's men, Naoe Kanetsugu. Chosokabe and his forces travel on Satsuma in a newly rebuilt Fugaku. Date and Kojuro discuss about them to be plunged into war again and must rebuild Oshu.