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Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings 2 Episode 11 — Toyotomi's Great Main Army Dashes For Supremacy! Earnest Keiji Drawns Sword In Heartbreak!!

Published December 25, 2011
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Hanbei meets Kojuro, who still demands that he would serve Hideyoshi, which Kojuro still refuse and believes Date would defeat Hideyoshi. After Hanbei leaves, Fuuma Kotaro appears and took out the guards on the way, while Sasuke and Kasuga infiltrate Osaka Castle and discovered Kojuro. The three headed to Hideyoshi command room and discovers plans involving Aki and an attack plan on Uesugi and Northern Kyushu, with Sasuke giving Kasuga a glider to go to Uesugi. As Sasuke was about to give Kojuro a sword, Kotaro suddenly appears and attacks both Sasuke and Kasuga. With Kasuga escaping to Uesugi, Kotaro took the sword Sasuke threw and disappeared, with Kojuro heading to find Hanbei before releasing the prisoners for them to revolt. As both Date and Chosokabe confronts Hisahide before he disappeared, Kojuro reunites with Date and his forces and reveals to Chosokabe his prisoned forces have begun their attack on Osaka castle, which Chosokabe leaves to join them and leaves Date but comments they will meet again. Kojuro then tells Date about Toyotomi's plans and heads off, leaving Date and his forces to Odawara. As Motonari heads for battle in the Nichirin, he kills Akagawa Motoyasu knowing he was a spy for Toyotomi and intends assassinate Motonari by giving poison sake. With Toyotomi's forces spotted, Motonari uses the Nichirin's Solar Cannon on them with Sanada witnessing its power. As Toyotomi is leading his forces to Odawara, Keiji appeared on their path and takes out his weapon, but still tells Hideyoshi to stop, which he ignores and ran through his with his sword damaged and broken. As he lies on the ground he meets Date, who questions hm for wielding a sword, which Keiji replied about his views. Date then leaves him with his acknowledgement of him. As Sanada heads to battle he meets up with Sauke who tells him of Toyotomi's plan and ask if he needs forces from Kai, which he refuses and ask to stay in Kai. As news of Toyotomi's souts being wiped out by Mori to Hanbei, Kojuro appears and confronts him, With Date confronts Hideyoshi in Odawara and the two fight.