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Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings 2 Episode 10 — Rebirth Of The Young Tiger! The Rebuilt Fortress Nichirin Menaces The East!

Published December 25, 2011
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After Hisahide's identity has been confirmed with Date and decided to go after him, Chosokabe also joins them after revealing his history with Hisahide. In Satsuma, both Sanada's Takeda forces and Satsuma forces have begun an assault on the Toyotomi forces, however they are confronted by a large number of Mori's forces and then attack the villagers, which Sanada intervened. Shimazu then attack a large group of Mori's Naval forces on the south side beach and Sanada joins him. Meanwhile, both the Date forces and Motochika forces are suddenly hit by Hisahide's trap, which Date and Cosokabe confronts Hisahide himself until he used an explosive device on them. While Keiji is looking for his charm, Kasuga arrived and revealed to him of the Toyotomi forces heading to Odawara, and Keiji decides to leave Yumekichi to Kasuga. In Satsuma with Toyotomi-Mori forces retreting, Shimazu then conpliments Sanada for his efforts, which still doubts Sanada of the people he strikes down until Shimazu gave him some advice, which Sanada now knows what he desires is peace for the land. Shimazu then tells Sanada to go stop Motonari with some of his men, with Sanada bidding farewell. In Aki, Motonari heads to battle with the now completed fortress, Nichirin. In Osaka, Hideyoshi was about to leave and tell Hanbei to rest, knowing of his ill succumb him, and tells Hanbei he needs him. Outside Osaka castle, Date and Cosokabe survived the blasts and witness Toyotomi's forces leaving and are planning to attack the castle to free the prisoners and later fight Hideyoshi.