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Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings 2 Episode 9 — Dragon Vs. Demon, Clash At Owari! Rush, Alliance Of Date And Chosokabe!!

Published December 25, 2011
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As Date and Chosokabe confront each other in Owari the two fought with both forces cheering for the lords, only to end in a tie. In Aki, Motonari and his general, Akagawa Motoyasu, witness the remaining pieces of the fortress Fugaku is being rebuild as is being named as the Nichirin. In Satsuma, Toyotomi's forces have arrived and both Satsuma's forces and Sanada's Takeda forces are prepared for battle, with Sanada still in doubt, but unknown to them Mori's forces have also appeared with Motonari in charge. In Osaka, Hideyoshi and Hanbei begin their next plan to conquer the East, with both of them knew of Motonari's plan. Later Keiji is woken up by Kasuga who arrive to bring a message from Kenshin but also tells him of Toshiie joining enshin to defend Echigo, which shocked Keiji due to Toshiie's wounds not healed yet. Kasuga then tells Keiji to go and thell them about Hideyoshi's movements, and Keiji's surprised as Yumekichi disappeared with Keiji's pendant. As both Date's forces and Motochika's forces discuss their plan to attack Wasaka and Yamashiro, a throwing dart appeared with a not ont it and Date recognize it as Matsunaga Hisahide.