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Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings 2 Episode 8 — The Friends' Sad Reunion, The Fiercely-Ingrained Memories Of That Day!

Published December 25, 2011
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As the two meet, Keiji request to Hideyoshi to dissolve Maeda clan alliance with the Toyotomi clan, which Hideyoshi allows but Keiji however demanded to know why he killed Nene, which Hideyoshi replied about Nene a trifle and demands to strengthen the country by letting her go, which led the two into a brief argument about what they think is best for the country and Hideyoshi demanded that Keiji leaves. In Satsuma, Sanada meets with Shimazu, who still hasn't recovered yet from his battle with Oda, discussed about the Takeda clan to attack Toyotomi and Mori. Sanada then tells Shimazu of half of the men he lost while coming to Satsuma, but is still ordered to join Satsuma's forces, which Shimazu asks about the Takeda forces, which Sanada replied his Lord Shingen will not move until the time is right. Impressed by Sanada's determination and Musashi complimenting him, Shimazu accepted Sanada's offer. While in the beach, Shimazu explained to Sanada about Motonari and was manipulating Oda to attack Kyushu before Setouchi, which surprised Sanada as Motonari fought along side him and others against Oda, and commented that Motnari is planning something. While still in Osaka, Keiji is still worrying about what happened to Hideyoshi suddenly found Yumekichi ill, but was surprised by the appearance of Matsunaga Hisahide, who does not recognize him. While taking car of Yumekuchi, Keiji rethinks about Matsunaga Hisahide and think back few years ago as the man who had once beaten Hideyoshi. As Hideyoshi was about to be attacked again Keiji then begs Hisahide to spare him, which led to Keiji getting beaten. After Hisahide left, Keiji went to see if Hideyoshi was alright. After meeting with a group of monks of Honganji, who the two scould, Hideyoshi felt angry of what happened for being weak unleashed his fury on the monks. Hisahide then meets with Hideyoshi, who after he left was told by Hanbei to stop Date's forces. Dat's forces however entered Owari, but was approached by an unknown group who were revealed as Motochika's forces and Chosokabe revealed to still be alive.