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Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings 2 Episode 7 — To Satsuma In The Far South! Yukimura's New Manly Resolve!

Published December 25, 2011
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As Date's forces encountered Soldiers of Takeda, unknown to them are Toyotomi's forces in disguise, while Shingen was informed about Oyamada's death from Sasuke and was later informed about Date's attack on Toyotomi's forces disguised as Takeda soldiers. As Date drew Kojuro's sword, he stop and discovered the Toyotomi forces are disguising themselves as Takeda forces from Sasuke, leading both Date's forces and the real Takeda forces to defeat the Toyotomi soldiers. Near Satsuma, Sanada rethinks about the event in Setouchi and felt guilty of Oyadama's death. Later he come across men of Satsuma, who flee before Sanada gave an explanation and went after them, only to be confronted by Miyamoto Musashi, which the two fought but stopped and Musashi took Sanada to meet the leder of Satsuma. Sanada then meets the leder, Shimazu Yoshihiro, which has surprised Sanada as the man who was supposedly killed by Oda. After the battle in Kai, both Date and Shingen discuss about Toyotomi's activities and motives and Shingen decides to work together to defeat Toyotomi, however Date refused and is determined to fight Toyotomi in Osaka. In Osaka, Hideyoshi and Hanbei discussed about the next plan and the arrival of a new weapon, Keiji arrives and demands to speak with Hideyoshi.