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Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings 2 Episode 4 — Ghost Of Azuchi Castle!? The Sighs And Devilish Howls Which Haunt Yukimura!

Published December 24, 2011
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As Sanada's men set up camp, Sanada himself went to Azuchi Castle and entered, there he was shock to find Matsunaga Hisahide still alive but also encountered Oichi. Sanada then saw Hisahide holding a skull Oda used to drink sake from and plans to take it, but Sanada sees it as a mockery of the dead. Hisahide then tells Sanada that Date was defeated by Hideyoshi, which has shocked him but doesn't believe that he would be beaten and demands to return the skull. As he was about to take the skull from him Sanada is confronted by Kotaro Fuuma and both he and Hisahide disappeared, leaving behind explosives. Sanada survived the blast but was approached by Oichi and attacked him with her powers and was about to swallow him, however he manages to break free and starts to attack her, which freed her from a dark spirit in the form of Oda and surrounds them both. Date, who has survived and covered in bandages, awakes in an old house and was told by his men that he had lost but had protected him from Hideyoshi's next attack but didn't proceed. Date later thanked his men for their deed and admits he has underestimated him. Hideyoshi, who had recalled Date's men protecting their lord, remembered Keiji protecting him the same way. Keiji then recalled his fight with Toshiie and decide to go to Osaka to meet him. The next morning, Sanada wakes up to find Oichi unconscious and realise she was trying to stop Oda. Later he encountered remnants of Nobunaga's forces and are prepared to attack him, but are surrounded by Sanada's men led by Oyamada, forcing the remnants to not attack him but tells Sanada they will restore the Oda clan. As Sanada left with his forces, he looked back at Azuchi Castle, concerned about Oichi, and Oichi herself watch Azuchi Castle burned down. In Aki, Hanbei has completed the alliance with Motonari and are planning to launch an attack on Motochika.