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Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings 2 Episode 3 — Keiji Vs. Toshiie! Choked, Unyielding Emotions At Tetorigawa!

Published December 24, 2011
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With news of Toshiie and Matsu leading the Maeda army to Echigo, Keiji tried to block their path and convince them to stop but failed as the Maeda army went past him. Kasuga arrived and tell Keiji to leave as both forces prepared to fight. Toshiie and Matsu meets with Kenshin, leading only a small force, which puzzled him until Kenshin revealed a large force of his is heading to Kaga, forcing Toshiie to defeat him and claim control of Echigo or return to Kaga and protect his people. Frustrated to prove Hideyoshi and Hanbei belief but fearing Matsu's safety, Toshiie has no choice but to return to Kaga. The two arrived and met with Kenshin's forces in Tetorigawa but were surrounded, however Toshiie is determined to protect Kaga and led his forces to attack. As the two forces fight, Keiji confronts Toshiie and Matsu, knowing if the Maeda army won mean Toyotomi's forces victory, leading Keiji to have no choice but to stop Toshiie and both he and Toshiie start fighting while questioning their motives. As both fighters face each other in full force Keiji successfully defeated Toshiie but is confronted by Matsu to fight. Kenshin, who has witness the fight, arrived at the scene and tells Matsu to retreat and acknowledge Toshiie's reasons to join Toyotomi for peace. In the battlefield to defend Oshu and most of his men survived, Date is confronted by Hideyoshi and the two fight. While Sanada is travelling with his new ally, Oyamada Nobushige, and a small group of Takada forces in Oumi he hears a cry and recognize it as Oichi in Azuchi castle.