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Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings 2 Episode 2 — The Lost Right Eye, The Gashed Dragon's Back

Published December 24, 2011
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When Hanbei offered Kojuro the offer to become Toyotomi's men he refused and starts attacking while defending the hostages, however he was beaten and knocked unconscious. The next morning Date's men report on an assault from Nambu, Tsugara and Soma, but also revealed Kojuro's captured and leaving behind his sword, shocked Date while holding it. Keiji visits Uesugi Kenshin and discuss about Toyotomi and Mori's decision to ally with him, as well as concerning about Motochika, but Keiji was surprised by Kasuga about Maeda's army approaching Echigo to fight against Kenshin and his army. In Oshu, Date manages to defeat most of the soldiers and confronts Hanbei. As both sides fight, Hanbei successfully hits Date with his sword but retreats when more of his men arrived, leaving Date at a disadvantage. Hanbei returns to Osaka castle and meets with Hideyoshi to discuss with the plan and departs to Aki to complete the alliance with Mori.