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Akikan! Episode 12 — A Toast To The Brilliant Future!

Published December 24, 2011
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After recovering from their injuries, Kakeru, Najimi and Kizaki chase after the Mixed Juice Akikan. Kakeru begs the Mixed Juice Akikan to return Melon to him, but she just responds by sending a Zero of her to attack her. However, the Zero hesitates to finish Kakeru, and he uses his emotions to recover Melon's juice to her can. Otoya appears with Misaki, and recovers Yell and Budoko's cans, allowing Najimi and Misaki to recover them as well. The Mixed Juice Akikan sends all of her Zeros to attack them, but Melon, Yell and Budoko defeat them all, and combine their attacks to defeat her. She explains that her owner is a cat who ran off the moment they had met, causing her to hate Akikans with owners. Kakeru decides to give her the name, Miku, and Otoya points her in the right direction to finding her owner. Everyone heads back to Kakeru's house for a toast to the future.