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Akikan! Episode 3 — The Feelings Of An Empty Can

Published December 24, 2011
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Kakeru and Melon are confronted a small aluminium Akikan named Budoko, whose powers come from her grape juice nature. She explains that Akikan types can be told by which ear a ringtab is on. While her primary attacks seem to have little effect on Melon besides annoyance, her explosive attacks are more dangerous. Melon gains the upper hand, but Kakeru breaks the fight up and Budoko escapes. Melon and Kakeru argue about their different standings on the Akikan Elect. After some talking, Kakeru decides they will participate in the Akikan Elect, but they will always try to avoid fighting if necessary. Afterwards, Kakeru, Yurika and Goro go over to Najima's house for a study session. While having a few drinks, Najima gets 'drunk' on carbonated drinks. When she goes to buy some more drinks, she drinks an energy drink which turns out to be an aluminium Akikan named Yell, stealing her first kiss.