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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 45 — The Promised Day

Published December 7, 2011
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Greed is initially overwhelmed in his fight against Bradley, but he manages to survive and escape. Meanwhile, Olivier requests, mainly as a means to avoid the family being taken hostage, that her father determine leadership of the household, which leads to a fight she inevitably wins against Alex. May passes through Youswell, and the people there offer to help her on her journey back to Xing, but Envy tricks her into heading back to Central. Ed, Darius, and Heinkel arrive at one of the old hideouts in Central and are soon met by Lin, who had managed to temporarily regain control over his body. Before Greed takes over again, Lin tells Ed that Father will try to open the gate on "The Promised Day." Since Greed had severed his relationships with the homunculi, Ed suggests that Greed become his ally. Greed jokes that he just might consider it if they work for him, but Ed decides to take that suggestion seriously, and Greed accepts the offer. Al passes a message to everyone, from Izumi and Briggs to Riza and Roy, about the Promised Day, which is set to take place next spring.