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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 29 — Struggle Of The Fool

Published December 7, 2011
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Envy leads Ed and Al, who has May and Shao May hidden inside of his armor, out of Father's hideout, which is actually under military HQ, to meet with Bradley. Ed threatens to quit the military, but Bradley says he will kill Winry if he does. However, he allows Ed and Al to continue their research. Roy enquires if Bradley was the one who killed Hughes, which he was not. Ed asks Mustang to borrow some change, and Ed and Al call Winry to make sure she is all right. After, they encounter Greed, who gives them a message from Lin to Lan Fan. Meeting up with Bradley, Greed points out that Lin is still fighting for control of his body. Roy reveals Bradley's identity to Armstrong, and ponders that there may be another homunculus hidden in the shadows. Al passes on Lin's message to Lan Fan, as well as telling her about him and Greed, encouraging her to get an automail arm. Ed, hearing that other alchemists' alchemy had failed at the same time as his and Al's, wonders how Scar and May's alchemy works. Meanwhile, as Father creates a new copy of Gluttony, Scar encounters Marcoh in the homunculi's prison. Marcoh begs Scar to kill him so that the homunculi cannot use him for their plans. However, Scar demands to hear more about the Ishvalan War from him.