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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 21 — Advance Of The Fool

Published December 7, 2011
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Ed and Al ponder about the state of Al's body, assuming it is absorbing some nutrients from Ed. After Al lectures Ed about his seemingly dangerous plan to draw out the homunculi by battling Scar, Lin and Lan Fan appear and agree to help them, as it would benefit Ling in finding immortality. After investigation, Ed, Al, and Roy begin to suspect Bradley of cooperating with the homunculi. While Roy and co. prepare themselves to go after them, Havoc reveals the lower half of his body is paralyzed, and Roy feels a bit of remorse for that. Roy sends Breda to locate Dr. Marcoh, while Ed and Armstrong get word that Scar is nearby. Breda reaches Marcoh's place, only to find he has been kidnapped. Ed makes a spectacle of himself, eventually drawing out Scar. Ed and Al fight him while Roy confuses the military to buy them time. Ed notices the tattoo on Scar's arm, realizing he is the one who killed Winry's parents. Lin and Lan Fan end up facing Gluttony and Bradley, the latter injuring Lan Fan.