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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 18 — The Arrogant Palm Of A Small Human

Published December 7, 2011
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Once they arrive in Resembool, Ed and Armstrong meet up with Breda, who takes them to the ruins of Xerxes. Once there, they discover that Ross is still alive, and that Mustang faked her death in order to draw out those responsible for Hughes' death. After the brief reunion, Ross decides to hide out in Xing, but promises to return if she is ever needed. After Ross' departure, Ed explores the ruins further and encounters a group of Ishbalan refugees, who reveal that it was Scar who killed Winry's parents during the Ishbal War. Meanwhile, back in Central, Barry's body, which is now nothing more than a crazed animal, attacks Falman and Barry. However, with Havoc and Hawkeye's assistance, they manage to subdue Barry's body. Then, Hawkeye is attacked by Gluttony.