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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 14 — Those Who Lurk Underground

Published December 7, 2011
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King Bradley and Armstrong lead a team of Amestrian special forces soldiers to raid the Devil's Nest, the former using it as cover to hunt down and execute Greed. All of the ex-chimera soldiers, including Dorochett, Roa, and Martel, are killed by Bradley himself, who reveals to Greed his true identity as Wrath, while the others are shot and killed by the commandos. When Martel, who is hiding inside Al, is killed, her blood splashes on Al's blood seal and unlocks his forgotten memories. Al reveals to Ed that he managed to recover all of his memories prior to being taken away from the Gate when Ed failed in his human transmutation attempt to revive their mother. Greed, severely weakened by Wrath with his dual swords during a duel in the sewers beneath Devil's Nest, is taken back as a captive to Father, who was disappointed in him after he deserted the rest of the homunculi by leaving them behind. When Greed refuses to rejoin the homunculi and Father, he is killed by being melted alive down to a liquid Philosopher's Stone, which is then consumed by Father.