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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 13 — Beasts Of Dublith

Published December 7, 2011
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Ed and Al are "expelled" by Izumi. She tells them that though they are no longer her pupils, but her equals. Meanwhile, Roy plays a chess game with General Grumman before he announces to Hawkeye, Havoc, Falman, Breda, and Fuery that they are all going back to be restationed in Central. Scar, recovering in an Ishbalan squatter colony, is advised by the elder that pursuing the current State Alchemists in the Amestrisian military would not do the surviving Ishbalans any good. Yoki recruits two thugs to capture Scar and bring him back to Central, due to his connections to the murder of State Alchemist Basque Gran. Scar easily defeats them and leaves the colony. Lured to a trap after reading a threatening note regarding Ed and Al's secret, Al is captured by Greed's ex-military chimera henchmen, who are seeking to figure out how to transmute a soul into empty armor. Ed faces off against Dorchet and then Greed, who uses his "Ultimate Shield" to make himself invulnerable to Ed's attacks. Ed finds a way around this by transmuting the ultimate shield itself. Izumi arrives and intervenes, taking Greed by surprise.