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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 6 — Road Of Hope

Published December 7, 2011
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After their encounter with Scar, the Elric brothers, escorted by Armstrong, head back to Resembool. During a stop in a small town on their way to Resembool, Armstrong spots a man named Tim Marcoh. He explains that Marcoh was a State Alchemist and doctor during the Ishbal War, and conducted research on biological alchemy before disappearing at the end of the war. In an effort to learn about Marcoh's research, Ed decides to get off the train and chase after Marcoh. They catch up to him and learn that he was researching the Philosopher's Stone, and that he succeeded in creating it, though it is still incomplete. At first refusing to share his knowledge with Ed, Marcoh eventually gives them a clue to the location of his research data. After they reach Resembool, Winry Rockbell and her grandmother, Pinako, get to work on Ed's automail. After receiving his replacement arm and leg, Ed uses his alchemy to rebuild Al's armor from the shattered remains. Afterwards, the brothers, along with Armstrong, head back to Central to find Marcoh's research.