Steins;Gate Episode 24 — Prologue To The End And The Beginning

Published November 29, 2011
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Picking up a sabre toy in order to use its liquid as a substitute for Kurisu's blood, Rintarō and Suzuha return to the day of Kurisu's death. First, Rintarō makes sure to obtain the metal toy he previously gave to Mayuri in order to prevent it from saving Kurisu's time travel theory from a fire. When Rintarō finds the liquid in the sabre had dried up, he decides to taunt Nakabachi into stabbing him before knocking out Kurisu with a taser. Letting Nakabachi escape with Kurisu's theory, Rintarō uses his own blood, screams of pain and the unconscious Kurisu to recreate the scene his past self saw. As Rintarō returns to the present, Suzuha gives her thanks before she disappears, saying that she can't stay with him. After he recovers from his wound, Rintarō starts giving out badges to the lab members he recruited in other timelines (including Moeka, who now works in Mr. Braun's shop), saving one for Suzuha, who will be born in seven years. While walking in the street, Rintarō runs into Kurisu, who was looking for him to thank him for saving her life, and the two renew their relationship.