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Steins;Gate Episode 23 — Open The Steins Gate

Published November 29, 2011
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Suzuha explains that her mission is to prevent Kurisu's death and enter a World Line known as 'Stein's Gate' in which World War III never happens. Rintarō travels with Suzuha to just before Kurisu's death, running into her and then hiding in the place where she will be stabbed. There, Kurisu is attacked by her father, revealed to be Professor Nakabachi, who tries to steal her time travel theory. As Rintarō attempts to save Kurisu, he inadvertently stabs her himself, allowing Nakabachi to escape with her theory to Russia, an event that will eventually lead to World War III. Returning to the present, Rintarō falls into despair but Mayuri slaps some sense into him. Suzuha reveals that Rintarō was meant to fail this mission and a scrambled video he received on the day of Kurisu's death is now viewable. It is a video D-Mail from his 2025 self, telling him that the key to saving Kurisu without changing the events that led them to develop the time machine and fall in love is to fool his past self into believing Kurisu has died.