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Steins;Gate Episode 4 — Interpreter Rendezvous

Published November 29, 2011
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With further information about SERN's time travel experiments encrypted in a code that Itaru can't decipher, Rintarō learns from John Titor that he needs the IBN-5100 computer Moeka was looking for to decode it. Whilst doing his laundry, Rintarō runs into Kurisu, who is still in denial about a time machine existing. After Mayuri hears from her maid cafe co-worker, Rumiho "Feiris Nyan Nyan" Akiha, that she knows about the IBN-5100, Rintarō finds out that the computer is at the shrine where Ruka works. Rintarō and Kurisu borrow it from Ruka's father and carry it back to the lab.