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Death Note Episode 34 — Vigilance

Published November 13, 2011
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Giovanni reports his findings to the SPK HQ and Near decides that they must get close to Mikami. He warns that they must be wary of the Shinigami trailing Mikami, for it might warn him of their actions. Lester points out how it would be difficult to avoid something invisible, but he and Giovanni agree to do their best. Aizawa thinks about the possibility that Light is communicating with Takada through written notes to each other; going over how the cameras had to be removed after Kira's call. Aizawa wonders why Light is so insistent on having cameras and bugs in the room when he goes into his next meeting and leaves a nail mark on the bottom of several pads of paper to see whether or not notes are being passed. Kiyomi arrives and tells Light of her meeting with Misa. Inwardly, Light becomes flustered, annoyed at both women for causing him such trouble. In the note Light passes, he tells Kiyomi that Misa was doing the killings before T (Teru), as she had obtained the power from an unknown source-- "it couldn't be avoided." Light assures her that she is the only one for him. Meanwhile, in the Task Force’s listening area, Aizawa becomes annoyed with Ide and Matsuda for talking during the more important conversation. Kiyomi decides to believe Light, but threatens him against lying as she can tell Kira about his actions. Light continues normal conversation while he writes out a script for Takada to follow. Said script makes it sound to those in the listening area that she has agreed to help them capture Kira. He warns her of the risks and she, still following the script, agrees to lend her support. Giovanni reports that Mikami muttered to himself and sends feed of Mikami’s lip motions to the SPK HQ. Lester reads the first word as 'Shinigami' and the following statement as “That Shinigami hasn't appeared since he gave me the notebook.” Near quickly interprets these new facts and tosses the Lego figure representing the Shinigami back into the toy box--there is no Shinigami haunting Mikami. The meeting between Kiyomi and Light ends and the two parties go their separate ways. Aizawa returns to the hotel room and discovers that two of the four notepads he marked are no longer marked, indicating a replacement of the pads. He knows for sure they are communicating now and demands a meeting in person with Near. He arrives at the SPK and presents his findings, only to be told they are already known. Near informs him that they are at the point that they no longer need proof of Kira's identity. Regardless, he asks that Aizawa continue to watch Kira, and invites him to witness the end of the so-called God. The Music Festival begins while Misa and Mogi are picked up by Hal and Lester. Kiyomi, the MC for the event, announces that Misa has yet to arrive. In the SPK’s car, Misa complains that this detour is going to ruin her reputation as a pop star. Mogi comments that he would not have gone with the SPK peacefully if Aizawa had not told him what happened with Light and Kiyomi’s notebook conversations. Light contacts Near, telling him that they have lost track of Mogi and Misa. Near responds, saying that they have been invited over "just in case." Near then shows them the kidnapped victims, Misa and Mogi, in a waiting room. Light asks if they willingly agreed to be there and Mogi responds positively. To himself, Near comments that Light should know the meaning of this move. Giovanni decides that enough time has passed that the mission must have been successfully carried out, and moves in to search Mikami's things while Mikami is working out in a local gym. While picking the locker, Giovanni reflects upon the events that led him to be there: After watching Mikami closely, the SPK determined that he follows a strict daily schedule (even during the holidays) and that they should take advantage of that by having one of their members touch the notebook. The locker opens and Giovanni easily breaks into Mikami’s briefcase as well. He struggles with himself briefly before touching the notebook and noticing that there is no Shinigami in sight. Giovanni reports back to HQ and Near orders Lester to contact Mogi. Near asks Mogi how long one can be manipulated by the notebook--23 days, as proven by the Yotsuba group. Near decides that Giovanni could be controlled already and will make his move in 24 days if Giovanni is still alive. January 3rd: Light meets with Kiyomi after the Music Festival, commenting on how rough it must have been to have Misa avoid the Music Festival like that. On the note he passes her, he tells her to have Mikami contact her once he has confirmed everything, and then for her to contact Light with the message “I want to see you as soon as possible.” January 6th: Giovanni is sent back to the locker to take photographs of the names written in the notebook, in order to determine whether there is a specific pattern to the deaths. Near determines the handwriting in the notebook is Mikami's by comparing it to his prosecution reports. With everything he needs, Near closes the episode saying, “if that's the case, it can be done.”