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Death Note Episode 33 — Scorn

Published November 13, 2011
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Near restates that L is Kira as well as the second Kira. Takada Kiyomi tells the world that she will be speaking on Kira's behalf from now on. Light tells the group that they should bring Takada into their investigation. Light speaks with Mikami through Takada and tells the woman he is Kira. Near decides that all the pieces he needs are in place and that he should go to Japan. He asks Lester to come back to New York once more. When Lester inquires as to why, Near responds that he has never boarded a plane alone in his life. Lester becomes Near's escort. Matsuda claims that they have managed to get into Yoshida Productions and NHN--Misa's infiltration, as a pop star hired to perform for their show, was a huge success. The conversation is interrupted by a call from Near. Light takes the call and immediately wonders why Near has chosen to tell him that he has decide to come to Japan. Near shocks the group by making note that they should be in close with Takada, and Light agrees, telling L's successor that they have already done so. He asks Light to inform Takada that SPK members have come to Japan, claiming it is bait for Kira. He also reveals that SPK is only four members strong. To himself, Light accepts the challenge Near puts forth by exposing his plans. With his thoughts, Light makes it clear that he is jumping for another battle of wills such that he had with L in the past. Near reviews what he has gathered so far, using Lego figures to illustrate his points. Light is Kira, marked on the Lego figure as L-Kira. The other, who is doing the will of Kira, marked as X-Kira, has the Shinigami eyes. The two Kiras are using Takada as a bridge for communication. Near decides there are two ways to beat Kira; kill them both and take the notebook, which will not be done because that is not the way he or L works, it would be disgraceful as the successor to do such a thing. The second method is not revealed. Light meets with Takada, starting conversation with her large amount of fanmail received per day. He hands her a letter he himself has written with instructions upon it so that the Task Force members listening will not know. Out loud, Light asks her to call Kira to her side so that it appears he is doing his job as the second L. He hands her another letter: "T has other missions, creating a perfect world. I would like to have you carrying out the judgment of Kira." Takada stands in shock while Light meets her in an embrace that cinches their goal. In his room, Mikami continues to "eliminate" as X-Kira when he receives a call from Takada. She asks him to send a fan letter only she will recognize containing five pages from the notebook. She tells him that he will continue his work in a fake book made to look like the real one. After hanging up, Mikami briefly wonders what his God is up to, but decides he is but a lowly servant and should not question Him. Sakura TV airs "Today's Miss Takada," a replacement for the show "Kira's Kingdom," showcasing the four bodyguards of Miss Takada of which is ex-CIA member Hal Lidner--Light realizes that there is an SPK member guarding her and wonders what Near is up to. Elsewhere, Near wonders who Kira would have picked for X-Kira. Takada was chosen because she supported Kira. So, he realizes that X-Kira must have a relationship with Takada. Innumerable TVs in the background play every broadcast ever aired with Kira information. Near's eyes glow as the room whirls sickeningly--an obscure way of demonstrating his thinking process. It comes to a sudden halt on a screen of Mikami with Takada in the background, and all the screens switch to the same program. From this, he deduces that Mikami is X-Kira. Misa throws a fit over why she isn't the most popular star while Mogi tries to reason with her that there are simply bigger things on people's minds. They run into Takada in the hall and Misa calls her out. Takada brushes her off and Misa takes the bait and rushes her. Hal stops Misa from approaching Takada by force, but Takada has her released on the grounds that they're 'important friends.' Misa is released and falls to her knees, now throwing a tantrum over how embarrassing the moment was. Near calls the Japanese HQ and requests to speak with Aizawa. He asks if there are cameras and bugs to record Light's sessions with Takada. When Aizawa responds that there are only bugs, Near thanks him and hangs up. Lester realizes that without the cameras, L-Kira and X-Kira very well could be communicating and that Hal is in danger. Near responds that they must let L focus on Takada and Hal while they go after Mikami; SPK has a member, Giovanni, following Mikami. But he does not believe from what he has observed that Mikami is X-Kira. Takada requests a girl-to-girl talk with Misa who accepts. Takada asks Hal to sit in with them. At the restaurant, in a private room of course, Takada asks how Misa and Light are getting along with him being so busy. Misa responds fine, and that she is going to reveal their engagement on the New Year's Show (Christmas trees have been everywhere throughout the episode) aired on NHN. They have a minor, controlled girl fight over the issue and Takada ends it by claiming she is not as cold as to kill someone to avoid something she dislikes. Misa continues, saying that Kira will soon be caught by Light, and Takada covers her laughter well with a staged choke. She thinks Misa is stupid and unobservant; she leaves, claiming Misa lacks manners. Afterwards, poor Mogi is left to deal with a drunken Misa. Hal reports what she has observed to Near, and he declares that Light is caught in a love triangle with Takada and Misa. Lester scolds him to be more serious, and Near responds that this is good, because Light will have a difficult time betraying either of them. Elsewhere, on a train, Mikami observed a drunk harassing a young girl. Giovanni watches as Mikami pulls out a notebook and writes something inside it. The drunk dies as Mikami gets off the train, leaving Giovanni and the SPK surer than ever that their assumptions were correct.