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Death Note Episode 25 — Silence

Published November 13, 2011
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L continues to ask Rem about Death Notes, but she continues to reveal as little information as possible. Meanwhile, Misa begins to use her Death Note to kill criminals. L realizes that it could be someone who used the Death Note previously if a piece of the Death Note could be used to kill. L decides that the fake Death Note rule is the only thing that prevents Light and Misa from being the prime suspects. Rem begins to panic believing it is only a matter of time until Misa is caught leading to bitter resentment towards Light. L and Light have a rooftop conversation in the driving rain concerning how they both stay distant from other people and how often people lie. L reveals to the rest of the team that he is planning on testing the fake 13 day rule by having a condemned criminal write in the Death Note. Rem kills Watari who presses a button setting off an alarm and wiping the headquarters hard drive, then she kills L. This in turn kills Rem, whose body is reduced to dust. Light is the first to find her remains, along with Rem's own Death Note, which he surreptitiously pockets before notifying others of his find. He then proceeds to tell everyone that regardless of what happens, he will avenge Watari and L.