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Death Note Episode 22 — Guidance

Published November 13, 2011
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After learning that Higuchi is the Kira he has been searching for, L decides that Higuchi cannot be caught until he learns the complexities of the killing methods adopted by him. He analytically pinpoints that this will be a great advantage in curing society of Kira and proving that he has been caught. He decides that Sakura TV will air a "Kira special" where someone will claim to know the identity of Kira in an attempt to lure Higuchi and learn of his abilities of killing people. In a deal that they will be granted immunity from prosecution, several of the businessmen trick Higuchi and lead him to follow L's plan. As the third Kira races to the television station L and the investigation watch his every move from the cameras and wiretaps that were installed in his property. Higuchi is determined to stop the broadcast by killing the whistleblower, Touta Matsuda.