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Death Note Episode 21 — Performance

Published November 13, 2011
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The third Kira sets his eyes on Misa after meeting her, and wants to marry her. Later, Rem contacts Misa who is able to see the shinigami. Misa is currently taking a break from a meeting with the Yotsuba Group. However, Misa's memories of being the second Kira, upon touching a portion of the Death Note Rem had brought her, do not return. Rem explicitly tells Misa about everything that has happened and that she should trust Light's motives lest her life be taken away. Upon re-entering the room she spots who the third Kira must be. Misa sneaks off on a date with the third Kira and is able to obtain proof that Higuchi is the criminal L is looking for. However this leaves L in much dire suspicion of how easily she was able to determine who Kira was when he couldn't deduce it himself.