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Death Note Episode 20 — Makeshift

Published November 13, 2011
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The investigation team installs wiretaps and surveillance cameras discreetly and continue to watch the Yotsuba Group meetings, and are amazed by how openly they discuss their methods of killing by utilising Kira. Light and L come up with a plan and contact one of the seven members of the Group. In a deal one of the members will act as a spy and postpone Kira's decisions to kill people by discussing it orally at the meetings. L reveals that he still suspects Light to be the first Kira by playing mind games with him. Afterward, L begins to question Misa Amane, and wants her to obtain information on the Yotsuba Group by infiltrating the organization. Soichiro Yagami is worried that even if they do gather information on the Group it will be difficult to capture all the members at the same time.