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Death Note Episode 19 — Matsuda

Published November 13, 2011
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Touta Matsuda, one of the members of the investigation team, feeling inferior at his lack of participation in the Kira case, decides to snoop around the Yotsuba Group and do his own research. He finds evidence that Kira is in the building but before he can act he is apprehended by the eight businessman. Using the fake identity card Watari gave to him, he poses as Misa's manager and pretends to offer a deal involving her in their commercial campaign, whilst contacting L using his modified belt buckle. Afterward, instructed by him, he fakes his own death by falling from the building, but is saved before he can plummet to his death. The businessman scatter amidst panic. Unaware that Matsuda has survived, the group are glad he fell before Kira was about to kill him. After some time, one of the Group's members, at a meeting, wants to opt out for fear he may have to face the consequences of Kira's actions.