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Death Note Episode 18 — Ally

Published November 13, 2011
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L's proposition to being tied to Light causes a slight scuffle to break out in the new headquarters' rooms with Misa present. Built like a hotel, the investigation team monitors the fight on the television screens. Some time has passed before Kira begins killing again, arousing L and Light into thinking that Kira may be killing for profit. Their suspicions lead them to the Yotsuba Group, a rich organization that dominates the global markets. Kira is also reported to have been sending threats to politicians and the investigation team is forced to conduct their operations in secret. As far as the public are concerned, the Kira investigation remains "unsolved" and the team "disbanded". However, L continues to operate and monitor the situation, finding patterns in the deaths committed by Kira. At this point L announces an additional two members will be joining the investigation team.