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Death Note Episode 17 — Execution

Published November 13, 2011
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Rem is seen talking to a mysterious businessman about the Death Note. Somewhere else, in a last bid to find out if Light and Misa are the first and second Kiras, L and Soichiro Yagami plan to stage a stunt in which Light's father attempts to kill Light, and then himself, out of shame. L intervenes and announces that he no longer suspects Light of being Kira nor Misa under the circumstances they were put under, but is still suspicious at the fact her DNA was found on the audio tapes. To Misa's relief she is released but Light is forced to continue working on the Kira case under normal circumstances. Much later L and Watari tell the investigation team that they will be moving to a new building inside the city to continue solving the murders. Elsewhere eight businessman plan the next murder Kira will commit in order for Yotsuba Industries to excel in the market.