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Death Note Episode 12 — Love

Published November 13, 2011
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Light arrives at the meeting between L and the detectives. To locate any clues in the audio reader's voice he is made to listen to the confiscated recordings by the team. Secretly, L wants to tests Light's analytical skills and comes to the conclusion that he and Kira cannot be the same person. Misa Amane, the real second Kira, is tricked into replying to an orchestrated audio recording, made by L and Light, which is broadcast on television. Misa unwittingly reveals some eccentric and important details about the properties of the Death Note and shinigami when she responds, and Light begins to panic. In her own reply Misa demands that the first Kira meet her in person. Shocked and wanting to pursue this lead the investigation team formulates a plan while Light decides what to do.