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Death Note Episode 11 — Assault

Published November 13, 2011
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The Kira investigation team discuss the disappearance of Naomi Misora when Watari interrupts their meeting. On Sakura TV, an audio tape, claiming to be from Kira, is being broadcast. In an effort to prevent Kira from gaining publicity and support, L demands that the broadcast must be stopped. Hirokazu Ukita, one of the investigators who is working with L, rushes to the doors of Sakura TV but strangely dies in front of the station. The investigation team panics. Light, having watched this from his room, concludes that the best thing to do now would be to involve himself in the Kira investigation team, as he is not the one who is doing this. By infiltrating the team he hopes to gather intelligence on L and the second Kira. L however, suspects that this Kira is not the original he and the team are searching for, therefore he concludes this Kira must be different from the one they are chasing.